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By: on June 23, 2020
Having a wholly new insurance agency has an unprecedented amount of challenges. We have compiled some effective tips for new insurance agents to start with. 1. Ask for Referrals Is this a novice idea we’re offering? No, this isn’t true. Scores of insurance agents have benefited from their trustworthy acquaintances (family, friends, relatives, etc.) for referrals. You need only ask them for referrals and you’re good to start. ...
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By: on March 4, 2020
Nothing beats confidence if it has taken the shape of a giant. The break-even analysis of cost accounting tells about the minimum output that needs to be increased for raising profits. While most of the individuals and businesses focus on improving that, some come out with ridiculous plans to win over their markets. However, it’s not essentially wise to do radical things with a not-so-effective strategy. So, if you’re investing enough and yet not getting profitable results while cancelin...
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By: on January 13, 2020
Deep-fried leads, though look good, are purely unhealthy. Life insurance agents have a proposed life of struggle in finding leads, especially with the kind of lead flows from their companies. No doubt that it cuts down the time spent on comparing lead providers and lead costs, but the company throttles on the agent and dramatically reduces your commission for the “favor” they made them. If you would ask what’s notable in life insurance leads from third-party providers, you may never get di...
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By: on November 17, 2019
Finding the leads is harder for any kind of sector but without any lead, you cannot expect to go higher. But everyone has their lead generation strategies and you can’t waste your time by following other strategies, you could save you valuable time by generating your actual leads instead of browsing and collecting data from others. But there are numerous strategies that you should take care while generating leads. How do I get leads for my insurance business? It’s a common and general, though f...
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By: on September 19, 2019
Health is the most important thing. If you can ensure good health for yourself or for your near and dear ones, you are actually doing one of the best things of your life. Not only aged people who are about to reach the age of 60 but health insurance is also required for young people as well. Telemarketers do call for supplying you with fresh Medicare leads. However, before giving the final word to them you must analyze few factors. Why should you buy exclusive Medicare supplement leads? Read o...
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By: on July 22, 2019
If you are an insurance agent who deals with insurance then you must be knowing how important it is to get productive clients. Though there is a number of methods to find potential clients, one of the easiest and most effective ways is to buy life insurance leads. Like everything else, you need a professional and reliable seller who can help you out by giving the latest as well as active leads. In today’s world, economy is very much fluctuating. No one knows where the economic condition is goin...
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By: on June 17, 2019
Sometimes, even the most challenging activities like marketing are understood as an easy-going task that can be achievable in a short span of time. However, it’s not true. Since marketing is an activity by which you can sell the product to the customers, you need a variety of methods to reach a prospective customer. And telemarketing being one of them, you need to focus on the best practices in this surefire way to engage with potential customers. If you don’t have sufficient manpower for...
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By: on April 18, 2019
“Oops, aren’t telemarketers getting an earful from rude customers?” Yes, there’s no denial on that. In fact, 95% of people hang up their phones when they discover the strong accents and immediately guess it for a sales call. Now, several companies misuse caller data for their own benefits. If you are currently holding on to such companies that more or less affect your business or brand name, you should cut off your ties with them immediately. Unscrupulous behavior with the privacy of customer...
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By: on February 13, 2019
Life is today, the most valuable asset we all have. Many people are not careful about their lives and tries to live in the moment but the truth is you never know what will happen to you. Life is for sure an uncertain phenomenon and to deal with it we need to be prepared. Numerous companies are there in the market and are working on providing quality services. Many are looking for Life Insurance Leads that can be converted to customers. Today, you will find consumers are opting for differe...
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