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By: on December 26, 2019
The holidays are upon us, and people are getting into the spirit as they shop, celebrate, and plan gatherings with friends and family. Unfortunately, crime doesn’t take a vacation – even during the holiday season. Sadly, what should be a joyous time of year could result in loss, injury, or even tragedy. To keep your Christmas merry and bright, first, become aware of some of the most common holiday crimes. Then, follow our list of simple Christmas safety tips to keep you and your loved ones ou...
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By: on May 1, 2019
Most concerned parents believe it’s important to know where their children are at all times. And with the advent of cell phones, maintaining contact with loved ones has never been easier. But what happens when your son or daughter doesn’t text as he or she promised? Or what happens if there is an emergency situation - and your child’s phone is out of reach? Parents aren’t the only ones who want the ability to pinpoint someone’s location, either. An employer with workers who travel could be se...
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