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Yoga Detox Therapy

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By: on March 29, 2020
Nowadays the stress and uncertainty of the covid-19 outbreak have been difficult enough for almost the whole world. The social distancing requirements have led to profound changes in our daily life and routines. Thus, this time has become challenging for our mental & emotional well-being also. https://yogadetoxtherapy.blogspot.com/2020/03/6-ways-to-relieve-anxiety-during-age-of.html
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By: on March 19, 2020
Reiki is an art of spiritual healing. It is not based on belief or suggestion nor is it a massage. It is between 60 & 90 minutes in length usually. The sessions of Reiki are performed by a Reiki practitioner using specific hand positions. During this session, the client is completely clothed while comfortably reclining seated in a chair or on a massage table. https://yogadetoxtherapy.com/7-reasons-why-people-like-reiki-training-course.html
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By: on March 5, 2020
The beauty of yoga is, that you are not needed to be a yogini or yogi to get its benefits. Whether you are old or young, fit or fat, yoga has the power to give you peace and calm your mind & to strengthen your body in all conditions. Thus yoga is for everyone and every age. Yet the beginning of anything is always important. So there are some certain yoga postures designed in yoga for beginners i.e. mountain pose, downward-facing pose, plank, triangle, tree pose, warrior 1 and 2, bridge pose, c...
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By: on February 23, 2020
Yoga Ayurveda detox also known as Panchakarma is one of the most well-known parts of Ayurveda. It is amazing because it eliminates toxins and heal countless ailments & renews a sense of clarity & inner-peace. It is not a normal spa vacation with poolside massages & green juices instead of it is a complete mind-body experience that throws away the toxins and unhealthy substances from your body through your butt, nose & ears included.
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By: on February 21, 2020
If you are suffering from severe neck pain then practicing yoga is an excellent way to get rid of it. Yoga For Neck Pain is getting extremely common & it may be caused by various factors. These include everyday activities that involve repetitive forward movement patterns, poor posture or the habit of holding head in one position. https://yogadetoxtherapy.com/7-things-you-should-do-in-yoga-for-neck-pain.html
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