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Designing Digitally

Lives in Franklin, United States
By: on January 30, 2020
Today's workforce is made up of 35% Millennials, with Gen Xers in a close second, Post-Millennials starting to get their wings, and Baby Boomers' employment slowly dwindling. It is definitely one of the most diverse labor pools in history, and this calls for a very flexible approach to employee training. While Millenials and those born since are tech-savvy from an early age, generations born before 1985 continue to use more classical learning models. Read more https://www.designingdigitally.co...
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By: on January 25, 2020
What is augmented reality? Read on to find out and learn how AR can benefit your employees and company! Human beings have such an incredible predisposition for creation that the human race continues to evolve and reinvent itself. When applied strictly to the growth of technology, in a few short decades, the human race has managed to bring sci-fi elements into reality. Read more https://www.designingdigitally.com/blog/what-is-augmented-reality-how-benefit-employees
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