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By: on April 7, 2023
How should you groom a gigantic but gentle dog? The answer generally depends on the pup's behavior, traits, and needs. If you have an Irish Wolfhound, here are grooming tips to keep in mind: Brush the coat of your dog’s coat weekly to keep it in mint condition. Irish Wolfhounds consistently shed their hair within a year. Brushing their coats regularly will avoid tangles and mats. Bathe your pup only once or twice per year unless needed. ...
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By: on April 4, 2023
A chinchilla's digestive system is sensitive, and it can easily get an upset stomach if it is fed fatty food. This is why you must carefully check the ingredients of the snack or treat you offer your pet. Pellets made specifically for chinchillas are the best choice, as they will contain the appropriate balance of nutrients. Look for pellets free from added sugars and artificial ingredients, and check the ingredient list to ensure that hay and other natural fibers are the main components. ...
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By: on April 3, 2023
The Siamese, Abyssinian, American Shorthair, Angora, British Shorthair, and Manx were crossed to develop the California Spangled cat. This cat is active, devoted, and affectionate. She inherited some of the most remarkable qualities from each of her parents. The size of California Spangled cats varies from medium to large. It was intentionally planned to make the California Spangled look like a wild cat. In terms of activity levels, she is similar to wild cats. She is active and athletic. Sh...
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By: on March 30, 2023
Most pet owners who experience mental breakdowns seek their pets for comfort. During heartbreaking moments, pets are always ready to share positive energy. Often, they give strength to their owners, which is why their owners overcome their heartbreaks. Here are the other emotional benefits of having a pet: Pets help reduce loneliness and worry. They have an extraordinary power to enlighten the mood with their presence. They also become your diary, whom you’ll rant to during stressful days. ...
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By: on March 28, 2023
Almost everyone around the world knows who Golden Retrievers are. Do you? Do not get surprised that this breed lands in the top 10 most famous dogs in the United States. The breed deserves its name “Golden” because it is jam-packed with fascinating characteristics and traits, including being beautiful, loyal, social, and intelligent. When you decide to own a Golden Retriever, be ready to have a playful pet. Even up to adulthood, your dog may still want to play with you and have fun. Yes, tha...
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By: on March 25, 2023
English Toy Spaniels are not as active as dog breeds that put on a show by flexing their muscles, agility, and endurance. Some dogs are physically active – running around, snooping, jumping, and playing every time. But English Toy Spaniels are rather laidback. These dogs have low energy and do not call for daily exercise routines. However, remember that this case does not imply that these dogs do not need training. Know that training benefits not only the physical aspect of pets but the other...
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By: on March 24, 2023
Many pet parents suffer allergies due to the allergens produced by cats' fur. So even though they adore cats, some cat lovers tend not to take care of one because of these allergies. But worry no more because there are cat breeds that have little to no hair, they don't shed a lot and will save your couches from endless hairs and possibly yourself from getting allergies. Some cats like Sphynx, Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, Burmese, and Oriental Shorthair are those cats that have little to no hair, s...
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By: on March 19, 2023
Have you seen a giant that is loving and gentle? This description may sound ironic but it exists. No, not only in movies if you have seen the BFG (big friendly giant). But it comes in the form of dogs. Several dog breeds are huge with kind and caring hearts. One of them is the Daniff dog. Daniffs are a mixed breed of English Mastiff and Great Dane. They are big. But do not misinterpret their being large because these pups are adorable. Here are some of their notable qualities: · Lovable ...
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By: on March 18, 2023
Your cat might not be responsible for the marking you see near your home. There are some cases when outdoor cats get to enter the yard or vicinity, and that is where they spray. Do not worry because there is still time. You can take some precautions to prevent outdoor cats from entering your yard. However, consider the possibilities that your indoor cat may also decide to spray. Keep her away from possible spraying sites so she will not be tempted, and limit her interaction with outdoor cats. Ke...
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By: on March 14, 2023
Does your cat have fleas? Do not worry because numerous preventative products have become available in the market. You may choose the best, safest, and most effective for your beloved feline. However, be careful in choosing. Consider first several factors that may affect the effectiveness of the treatment. Some of the things you need to look into are your cats… Lifestyle Age ...
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By: on March 14, 2023
You may be a very busy person yet, you love animals at the same time and have always wanted a pet. Being unable to maintain a pet's grooming and hygiene is usually a potential pet owner's worry, but no worries, because there are different pets like dogs that you can care for despite your busy schedule. One perfect example is the Chihuahuas. Chihuahuas are known to be one of the easiest dog breeds to care for in terms of their grooming and maintenance needs. If you are a bust pet owner, you sh...
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By: on March 13, 2023
Beagles have a reputation for being happy and playful. Despite not being quickly acquainted with new people, they are not regarded as reliable guards. These canines are naturally intelligent and alert but not particularly submissive. This dog adapts well to various situations and makes a wonderful playmate for kids. It can be a very active pet to keep in the house due to its lively energy. Although they can be challenging to train, they are relatively energetic dogs. Making a beagle obedient req...
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