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Vivek Ghai

Male Lives in New York, United States
By: on July 11, 2022
Apparel design software has enabled designers to digitalize designing capabilities. At the same time,customization software and solutions-based options have given rise to the Fashion trend on demand. Such trends have made the fashion industry more sustainable. The force of technology, furthermore, is expected to be even stronger in the coming time.
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By: on February 13, 2020
This time in the year is a bit tough for the one who sees all the four seasons. They have to go through, not only with terrible temperatures changes but also with decreasing daylight and unpredictable rain. This has increased the demand for jackets. With the fashion trends getting transformation regularly and numerous new things are coming, but some products were, and that is always in the trend for a long time. Jackets are one of them. Moreover, with the time as customization technology has ...
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By: on February 12, 2020
When we talk about the advanced business-models, online clothing and apparel business is one of the famous ones that has gained immense traction in recent years. As it is one of the most versatile and dynamic sectors, experiencing an enormous change in its offerings, it is also bringing higher growth revenue for the enterprise owners working in it. In recent years, the challenges in this industry have been increased radically, and organizations need to look upon the fact that it is now essential...
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By: on February 11, 2020
The worked time, the dress business is changing as per time and most recent trends, and the clothing design software is the focal point of the circle and is moving around the requests of the fashion and customization and is according to the client's desires. To stay serious in the slanting business sector, a printer needs to step up and use clothing design software and to choose procedures to improve the clothing and start development according to the client's prerequisite and request. We all n...
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