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By: on August 19, 2020
Buying a new vehicle is an amazing experience. Nothing beats the anticipation of your first ride in a brand new car that’s all yours. The only downside? RESEARCH! A car is not a purchase people take lightly and it could take up to three months to explore different vehicles; which we think is three months too long! Instead, we got together a team of passionate (if not slightly obsessive) car journos with one goal in mind; to help you buy a car that was made for you. Our quiz was designed to analy...
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By: on July 27, 2020
Ford revealed the all-new Bronco SUV. It’s an exciting time at the moment with the resurrection of Ford Bronco; the family and off-roader vehicle. Ford revealed three variants of the new car: two-door, four-door, and a Sport option. The Broncos are highly capable when it comes to 4x4 adventuring and off-roading. Ford mentioned that there will be several engine and transmission options as well. ...
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By: on July 23, 2020
If you’re a lover of thrilling power and the fresh, open air then the limited edition Lamborghini Sián Roadster is the car to fall in love with. This unique beauty has the most powerful Lamborghini engine and is an extraordinary experience with the roof down. In recent times, we are seeing that supercar giants are in a battle to not only provide the most powerful supercar but to answer the question of “which car looks the best?”. We have seen this in the Ferrari SF90 Stradale and now The new La...
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By: on July 12, 2020
Covid-19 has done a number on the world today and most times you’ll find there aren’t enough hours in a day to do your shopping let alone look at to buying a new vehicle. Well rest assured Kia Motors Australia (KMA) has developed a tool to help you select a car that’s right for you. It’s easy yet effective in helping you build and buy your car online and Kia has stated that this is a service many people have gladly adapted to already. By visiting kia.com.au and clicking ‘Build & Order Onl...
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By: on July 8, 2020
The Tesla Model Y Five-seater was released in March last year and deliveries to US customers started in March 2020. However, the seven-seater is set to start deliveries sometime in the last quarter of this year according to Elon Musk’s confirmation via Twitter. Tesla has confirmed that the Model Y will have the option to add an additional row of seats to accommodate 7 adults despite this model being inspired by the Model 3 platform, which is smaller. However, it still has a compact SUV feel ...
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By: on June 15, 2020
A rare car is something so special to own as manufacturers produce them in limited numbers and are the best of the best. The following models were so exclusive that they were only produced in single digits. There are few reasons that warrant the production of a rare car and they all contribute to why these cars are so expensive. Rare cars are usually made in celebration for a special company's anniversary, or the car upholds a legacy in racing, or was featured in a movie driven by a legendary c...
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