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By: on January 6, 2021
According to Statista estimates, Instagram currently has over a billion active users. This makes it the sixth most used social media platform globally. Still, it is dogged by issues of security and privacy that may make you reconsider your use of the platform. If you’re like us, you may sometimes get concerned about just how much of your time is spent scrolling through the platform. Or you may be concerned about its effect on your mental health. Either way, you may consider deleting or deactiva...
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By: on December 28, 2020
Since hitting the shelves in 2007, Apple TV has grown to become a key home appliance for many. Its ever-expanding the repertoire of content is as appealing as they come. However, as with all internet-enabled devices, it isn’t without its risks. Security compromises could lead to a breach of your entire home system – and even financial records! This makes it important that you use a VPN with your Apple TV. A VPN does more than provide security and added privacy, though. It allows users to s...
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By: on December 8, 2020
A VPN is a critical addition to your Windows PC. It gives you online anonymity by masking your internet address, protects you from cyber-criminals in public networks, and enables you access geo-restricted content on websites. But selecting a best VPN for Windows can sometimes feel like too much of an ask. As a rule of thumb, we watch out for top quality privacy and security features, top level performance (speed), compatibility, and server locations. With these in mind, we’ve narrowed down our...
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By: on November 27, 2020
Apple’s devices remain some of the most secure on the market. And with every update, this security level is only heightened. Still, any security system is only as secure as the handler. In this guide, we identify 10 important tips to secure your iPhone . 1. Regularly update your iOS Apple always looks to find vulnerabilities in their systems, and release security patches to address those leaks. Updating your Apple device helps improve your security at every turn. ...
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