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Lives in Coimbatore, India
By: on December 1, 2020
In our everyday lives, sometimes just finding time for ourselves is something we need. It's that 10 mins for ourselves that makes all the difference in this chaotic world. Taking out time and investing it into something productive adds more value to that personal time. And what better way than painting your thoughts? Nothing! Painting, let's all your imagination and creativity wild. And especially when you are using watercolor painting. Or why use it when you can view it and be mesmerized by it...
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By: on November 27, 2020
Wall paintings for the living room can elevate the mood and aesthetic appeal of your room. It just takes the right art in the right place to work the magic. Some pieces of artwork can help you calm your mind, while others can make you ponder the true meaning behind it. If appropriately placed, wall arts can make your room look spacious and exciting. While overcrowding can make the place look boring and smaller than the size it is. The best part of using wall art to decorate or do your interio...
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By: on September 17, 2020
Decorating the walls of the rooms of home is a critical task. One wrong selection and the positivity and the charm of the room which one would be looking for will be lost. Selection of paintings for your room is depending on your family background, tastes and preferences. Following are the current trend in wall arts which define your space: - Line Art – Simple black line on a plain contrasting background gives a simple yet powerful visualization of uniqueness on the wall. They always look...
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