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By: on December 9, 2020
Outside of the manatees and crocodiles that Florida is so famous for, our state is also home to some of the lesser-known native species - the rodents. These pests can definitely be a nuisance when found indoors, and getting them out of the house can be a hassle. There are three main species of rodents near the Tampa Bay area - the rooftop rats, the Norwegian rat, and the house rat. Knowing what kind of rodent has invaded your home is the first step in eliminating it. Let's talk about how to re...
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Bearing in mind that air conditioners are one of the most expensive home appliances, users should follow necessary safety measures as serious HVAC problems usually occur due to user negligence. Regular maintenance and repair sessions for air conditioners are necessary on time, but it is not sufficient. In other words, instead of spending money frequently on repair services, you should try to prevent AC breakdowns. Here in this blog, we discuss why we need to keep rodents out of our air conditi...
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Wasps do not often interact with people, but if provoked, they can sting. Wasp stings can be painful for everyone and threaten allergy sufferers. If you have a wasp problem, here's everything you need to know about these pesky insects, including how to get rid of wasps naturally, how to check for infestation, and how to kill wasps by killing homemade wasps.
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