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Keith Laurance

Female Lives in Sarasota
By: on August 10, 2023
When Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876, who would have imagined centuries later, we would be using its modified version to make our lives easier and better? Even if we consider the invention of the first mobile phone in 1976 we have walked a long way in seeing our smartphones as not just a medium to call and text but to engage it in our daily lives. Smartphones are now our source of entertainment, communication, payment, navigation, and whatnot. You think of a task, and your smartph...
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By: on March 20, 2023
The rise of fantasy sports and sports betting has recently been a significant trend among sports lovers. With the increasing popularity of these activities, investing in sports mobile app development has become an attractive option for businesses looking to monetize their services and engage with a targeted audience. When developing a fantasy sports application, one critical component is integrating a Live Score API that provides real-time updates on scores and game events. By doing so, users c...
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By: on April 7, 2022
Starting a new business is a challenging task and more so due to the presence of cut-throat competition in the business world. Funds and budget are other major elements which play a decisive role in starting a new venture. But with the availability of loans, the stress can be eased out to a great limit. Gone are the days when people had to visit the bank for financial requirements. Now things have gone digital and facilities can be arranged with a tap or click of a finger. P2P lending app is bec...
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By: on December 8, 2020
The education sector has witnessed a sea change within the last half-decade through this new stream of learning resource – E-learning mobile apps. E learning mobile app is helping students and enthusiastic learners globally in the development of their skills. The basic formula of learning has entered right into the comfort zones of students’ homes via smartphones, as previously compared to classroom studies. Teachers, students, and parents alike are all praise for this new educational trend. The...
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