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Iverson Wong

Male Lives in Hangzhou, China Born on November 3, 1990
By: on April 16, 2021
One of the most enduring fashion accessories that have never lost their appeal is satin silk scarves. Across several centuries generations have been wearing them. Throughout the world, it is being worn functionally or to provide warmth and protection against the bitter cold or worn for any religious and cultural significance and their use of one has also evolved into other purposes. Scarves and its Social Significance This accessory in western culture is used either as a fashion or as a prot...
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By: on March 29, 2021
First, silk dyes well both natural and synthetic. This feature offers colorful silk fabrics. Another property of silk is, even after having been stretched like in silk elastic headbands it feels and retains its shape well. Silk has the excellent property of being a very flexible material. For example, through a wedding ring, you can easily pull a silk scarf, and without a lot of wrinkling, it will quickly retake its original shape. It can be easily folded as it is light in weight. Women who ...
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By: on March 23, 2021
With spring almost here and therefore the winter dying down it is time to require a glance at the fashionable men's clothing you ought to consider investing certain this coming season. It's better to be prepared for this season's styles so you'll refill your wardrobe with the proper men's clothing and accessories like men's scarves. Fitted blazers are going to be very in fashion over light-colored button-down shirts with short sleeves. Dark blue and khaki-colored blazers are perfect for wearin...
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By: on March 23, 2021
Scarves are generally used in winter. Many women use Beautiful scarves as per their choice. However, these can be worn to work or out with friends. It is now a fashion trend that creates a unique style and design with your outfits. Even, there is a wide range of designs and styles available with a customized option that will amaze you. And it can help you to enhance your personality. Whether you are heading to your office or a vacation or with your friends, drape the luxurious material around y...
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By: on February 15, 2021
You can pull off almost any hairstyle and headband combo out there if you're lucky enough to have an oval face shape. With a lot of versatility, you can play up your look, starting from volumized up-dos to long, wavy curls. This shape has the most balanced; so when it comes to the type of headband you select, you get a lot of freedom. If you have an ideal face shape then it becomes important to make sure your custom headbands are flattering your face, to make your natural beauty the center of at...
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By: on February 15, 2021
One of the most stylish and beautiful accessories are Scarves. No wonder, women of all ages, are favorite accessories. Used by men and women equally, these are unisexual draping accessories. From their constant favorite, some women draw their inspiration while others by following their instinct and imagination adorn themselves. To myriad ways of tying custom scarves, these factors contribute. Some of the styles are: Knotted Necklace: with elegant and classy looking stoles, this pattern looks...
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By: on January 23, 2021
The European snuff user of the 18th century suffered from an embarrassing problem long before American cowboy’s sported bandanas: Dark tobacco stains were left behind a white or solid-colored handkerchief by blowing his nose. In India, he found a stylish solution, where to create colorful silk and cotton kerchiefs covered in lively patterns textile makers employed a millennium-old tie-dyeing technique called bandhani. Europe started producing its silk bandana by the early 19th century, most nota...
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