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By: on January 27, 2023
Wood pellets are more and more welcomed in the market, the wood pellet mills are developed quickly. However, when using the wood pellet mill, the maintenance of it is especially important. In the following, we will give you some instructions of the maintenance of pellet mill. Wood pellet machine https://www.zenopelletmachine.com/product/wood-pellet-machine is a kind of special equipment which takes sawdust, palm, peanut shell and other crops as raw materials and compressed them into pellets. ...
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By: on January 27, 2023
Abundant biomass resources, mature wood pellet production technology, and affordable wood pellet making machine https://www.zenopelletmachine.com/product/wood-pellet-machine stimulate the development of wood pellet industry in Thailand. Thailand is an agriculture country. It can produce 6 million tons of rice husks and 25 million tons of bagasse. Other biomass resources includes palm kernel shell and wood wastes. These biomass materials are from rice mill, suger refinery, palm oil plant, and ...
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By: on May 13, 2021
The fish farmer can choice fish feed pellet according to following small tips from zeno pellet machine https://www.zenopelletmachine.com/ . 1. Check appearance .The quality can be judged from the appearance and smell of the feed.Feeds that are well identified from the smell, especially aquatic feeds.It have a normal fishy smell due to the use of some fish meal, which smells pleasant. If it is a poor feed, the fishy smell is relatively weak because it uses some fish meal substitutes,or there is...
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By: on April 28, 2021
With the progress of times, in order to have a higher profit margins, feed manufacturers and farmers have been pursuing a more cost-effective equipment. Fish feed pellet machine is the pelleting machine that directly pressed the crushing material like corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, rice husk into feed pellets.In recent years, fish feed pellet mill https://www.zenopelletmachine.com/product/fish-feed-pellet-mill/ was used in many aquaculture and feed plants over the world. like large, medium an...
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By: on April 19, 2021
In South Africa, the feed production business is very profitable. This is because demand has also increased due to the increase in animal farming, which can be traced back to the widespread consumption of animal products worldwide. When you put all this together, you will conclude that because of the population growth, it will continue to grow. Prior to this, there were only a few feed processing companies in South Africa, you can easily mention their names. But as awareness and knowledge increa...
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By: on April 12, 2021
The development of feed have injected unlimited vitality into the aquaculture farming. It is the source of nutrition for aquatic animals,also an important guarantee for the rapid and healthy growth of aquatic animals. However, in the current breeding process, farmers are concerned about feed for various reasons. There are certain misunderstandings in the selection and use of fish, how to produce high-quality fish feed pellets? 1. It is not the higher protein content of feed, the faster the grow...
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By: on April 12, 2021
The processing of dog food mainly refers to the use of various methods to form a variety of raw materials or a single raw material to form a maximum improvement that meets the nutritional needs of pet dogs, palatability and digestion and absorption. The process of exerting potential nutritional value and use value to a great extent. Dog food is one of the categories of pet food. The processing range of pet food is very wide, including pet snack food, snacks, dental sticks, bones, bone pressing, ...
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