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Male Lives in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India Born on January 1, 1996
By: on April 23, 2023
The history behind Longpi Pottery Manipur Longpi pottery is a traditional pottery style that originates from the village of Longpi in Manipur, India. The history of Longpi pottery dates back several centuries and is closely linked to the Tangkhul Naga community of Manipur, India. Longpi pottery is believed to have been developed by the Tangkhul Naga women, who discovered that the local clay and weathered rock from the region could be combined to make durable and unique pottery. Longpi potter...
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By: on March 9, 2023
What is Brass Cookware? Brass cookware (https://zishta.com/collections/brass-utensils-and-copper-cookware) is cookware made of brass, a metal alloy composed of copper and zinc. Brass cookware is known for its ability to conduct heat evenly and quickly, making it a popular choice for cooking. Brass cookware is typically lined with another metal called tin, to prevent acidic foods from reacting with the brass. Brass cookware can be used for a variety of cooking methods, including frying, sautéin...
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By: on February 17, 2023
1) What is clayware? Clay cookware is a type of cooking vessel made from natural clay that is used for cooking and serving food. Clay utensils has been used for centuries in many different cultures around the world, including India, Mexico, and the Mediterranean region. Clay cookware is typically unglazed and porous, which means it allows for the circulation of steam and heat. This helps to retain moisture and enhance the flavour of the food being cooked. It also promotes even heat distributio...
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By: on February 10, 2023
Many of us have fond memories of our grandmother's kitchen and the delicious meals that were cooked there. The sight, smell, and taste of a grandmother's cooking are often deeply connected to our childhood memories and evoke feelings of comfort, love, and nostalgia. It was a place where we learned how to cook, where we were first introduced to new food and flavors and were able to bond with our grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins over a shared love of food. For many of us, the memories of ou...
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By: on February 3, 2023
About the Craft and its Makers The documented history of Kuthu Vilakku makers in Tamil Nadu dates back several centuries and is closely tied to the history of Hindu temple architecture and worship practices in the region. Kuthu Vilakku have been used in Hindu temples and homes in Tamil Nadu for centuries as a source of light during religious ceremonies and rituals. The tradition of making these traditional oil lamps has been passed down from generation to generation, with each new generation...
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By: on January 27, 2023
1) What are the different forms of Iron Cookware available in the market? Predominantly Cast Iron and Pure Iron (Or Mild Steel as it’s called) are two alloy variations of Iron that is used predominantly in making cookware. Cast Iron is one of the oldest cookware after clay being used by different communities across the world. The different between the two types of alloy is the way they are made. (https://youtu.be/urL70ijf7TM) 2) Is Cast Iron Cookware Safe to use? ...
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By: on December 27, 2022
1)Do we use tin cookware in a kitchen? Tin has been traditionally used for making Rasam. It works on Gas stove and electric coil stove. Tamarind reacts with Tin to give a unique taste, flavour & an unbeatable aroma to the Rasam. Tin vessel is also used for setting curd & it gives a special taste to it. Some use tin vessel to boil milk. In olden days, due to lack of refrigerator, cooked food was stored in Tin vessel to keep it fresh. 2) What is eeya chombu? ...
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By: on August 27, 2022
The next few months in India is the most hectic phase of the year when we have a plethora of festivals and celebrations happening in different parts of the country. This is the phase in our modern fast paced world strives to slow down to imbibe and cherish each of these amazing festivals and be part of them to cherish our rich traditions and family bond. I remember my grandmother’s kitchen would run full swing for these months making amazing sweets and savouries. The feel of an industrial prod...
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