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By: on December 9, 2021
While straight-out censorship, at least in countries professing freedom of speech, may not be so common these days, creators censoring themselves is very much alive in many media. The new YouTube demonetization rules creators are required to abide by, demands just that. Self-censoring happens in every media outlet, even with the movies making the most magic out there. A History of Self-Censoring On-Screen Stories ...
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By: on November 4, 2021
Deep inside an oil refinery, a serial killer gets ready to pounce on a police detective risking her life to entrap him. You see everything from the killer’s perspective, with the full creative power of Alfred Hitchcock inspired by avant-garde Italian cinema techniques. And so goes a pivotal scene in Hitchcock’s film Kaleidoscope. There’s only one problem: Kaleidoscope was never made. In fact, if Hitchcock hadn’t funded the production of Psycho when the studio executives refused it a few ...
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