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By: on December 14, 2021
1.0 What is a Climatic Zone? The climatic zone is the area decided by its long-term weather condition. Factor consider for the climatic zone classification is temperature, water vapour, air, light, longitude, latitude. There are different types of climates found all over the world. This climate is affected on us as well as the other objects. Mainly some factors like temperature, moisture(humidity), light, air, etc. are responsible to change the Physical, Chemical, Microbiological, Therapeuti...
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By: on December 13, 2021
1.  What is data? Data is facts, figures, and statistics recorded or generated (collected) during the GXP activity. Data includes all original records, true copies, source data, metadata, reports which are record during the GXP activity. Data should follow the ALCOA+ principle i.e  Attributable, Legible, Contemporaneous, Original, Accurate, Available, Enduring, Complete, Consistent. 2. List of Data Generated in pharma industry but not be limited ...
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By: on December 11, 2021
1.0 Addendum / Addenda Addendum word is established from the Latin word “addendus” and the meaning of addendus is “must be added”. Addenda is a plural form of addendum. An addendum is indicating the information is added related to the original records or material or published articles. This document is placed at the end of original records or material or published articles. An addendum is mostly used when: 1. Additional information is not required in original records, documents, data but p...
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