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By: on February 2, 2023
Generally, the price of a small laser cutting machine is 20,000 US dollars, but the price is different for different configurations and different laser cutting machine suppliers. The small laser cutting machine refers to the laser cutting machine specially used for small processing places and small areas, and is a relatively popular equipment among laser cutting machines. Generally, laser cutting machines are aimed at large processing areas and small processing areas. For small laser cutting mac...
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By: on February 1, 2023
3kw fiber laser machine product features The [url=https://www.fiberlasercuttingmachiness.com/3kw-fiber-laser-cutting-machine.html][/url] adopts imported high-quality optical fiber as the transmission medium, which has the characteristics of low loss, good spot quality, fast speed, and easy realization of high-speed automation. Due to the strong anti-interference ability of the optical fiber, the service life is long. In addition, the fiber laser has no mechanical contact with moving parts duri...
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By: on January 31, 2023
The fiber laser adopts semiconductor modular redundant design, which is suitable for 24-hour continuous work and meets the requirements of continuous industrial production. It can be used to cut carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloy, aluminum-zinc composite board, pure aluminum, brass, copper and other highly reflective non-ferrous metals Material. How much is a laser cutting machine? The price of a general laser cutting machine is around $20,000-50,000. The price of a laser cutting...
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By: on January 30, 2023
What is the price of cnc fiber laser cutting machine? This is a good question to ask. This question is often asked by many people who are interested in laser cutting machines. It is the first step to understanding the metal cutting business. A laser cutting machine can provide your business with a fast and efficient way to cut metal. Cutting projects using laser machines are more accurate, cleaner and require less deburring or finishing after cutting than most other cutting techniques. The aver...
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