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Victoria Miller

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Most of the time system speed gets slow down and runs at slower speed. With Kaspersky antivirus users can also face such type issues. Worry not; just you need to call Kaspersky Customer Service Number to fix the issue instantly. Note: Slow down PC performance error occurs while there are some lack in systems resources like low RAM and lack capacity processor. 1.First of all user needs to open settings; it’s located as a gear icon in the lower-left corner of window. There are some options by which you can make some changes in Kaspersky antivirus, and if you cannot open the window then call to Kaspersky Customer Service Phone Number for online help. 2.In settings go to performance menu and click to check boxes. Deactivate scheduled scan on battery power, disable notification, and release resources to the operating system computer start. Reschedule computer scan, Perform Idle scan, and find the software that is aimed to cover up traces of an infected program in the rootkits. 3.Hence open Pause file antivirus and choose check box “Pause” to adjust time and assign the time period when File Antivirus is paused. 4.Now, find the executable file of the application under the window tap to open and find the exe extension. There is a file available “Pause file Anti-virus windows” here save the settings to run your Kaspersky Antivirus 2017 for better system performance. However, if your system is still running slow then call to Kaspersky Antivirus Customer Service Number for online help. You will control your issue remotely and your PC will have better performance while scanning virus and threats.