Publish Date: August 10, 2022
ATO's product portfolio is mainly suitable for applications such as agriculture, irrigation, livestock, landscape watering, domestic well pumping and more. With 20 years of brushless motor manufacturing capability and 5 years of power electronics (controller) manufacturing experience, ATO has solar products including solar well pumps, solar pond pumps, solar fontain pumps, solar pump controllers, solar pump inverters and solar pv panels. In addition, a solar pump inverter for ordinary ac three-phase water pumps has also been developed, used with solar pv panels, you can apply your AC pump to any sunny place without AC power supply. The power of the solar water pump inverter can be from 1hp to 100hp, which fully meets the transformation needs of most customers. ATO Solar Water Pump System is ideal for pumping water into wells without electrical coverage. The extracted water can be used for irrigation, and if the water source is relatively clean, the water can be stored in the water tower for further use. The entire solar powered water pump system has a simple structure, is easy to install, and does not need to be on duty. It is currently the most portable and energy efficient pump water system.