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Digital replacement of Traditional Tuition
Digital teacher software is indigenous product developed by India’s one of the best e-learning company, code and pixels Interactive Technologies private limited (
This product is being used in 7000+ schools since 2013. This product is also available in the form of DVDs and USBS and offline memory card and lakhs of students have used the content to improve their understanding of subjects.
Keeping in mind the increased accessibility to smartphones and quality Internet, we are now launching the Android based APP version. You can simply download the App and get a better insight of the complex concepts depicted in 2D/3D animations.
Digital Teacher App is an animated, self-learning multimedia solution, which increases the interest levels and the retention power of your school-going children. Our multimedia-based digital solutions meet your child’s need for a supplementary learning tool.
Awesome Features:
4. Drawings /Diagrams
5. Play /Pause /Replay/Seek bar
6. Volume /Mute
7. Real life applications
8. Follow- ups
9. Unit overview /Mind Maps
Five Reasons for DIGITAL TEACHER LEARNING APP Being the Best Digital Platform for Your Child’s Education
Thousands of parents have trusted DIGITAL TEACHER as a supplementary learning tool for their children. With the launch of our App, it has now become the best digital platform in terms of:
1. Simplicity – The App makes it easy for your child to visualize the critical concepts that are usually taught in the school using the chalk and talk methods. In this app, complex concepts of different subjects are made simple with:
o Rich graphics
o Animations (2D/3D)
o Videos
o Drawings /Diagrams
o Real life applications
o Unit overview /Mind Maps
Without the fear of demanding the tutor’s special attention, your child can go through the topics any number of times and learn on their own with confidence.
2. Clarity – Just as one school teacher cannot efficiently handle all the subjects, you cannot expect a tuition teacher to be good in all the subjects. So they generally prefer covering mathematics and science subjects, though other subjects are equally important. Also, the style and the method of a tuition teacher can contradict with that of a schoolteacher. In such cases, students may get confused and have trouble forming clarity over the concepts. As a result, they tend to memorize and struggle to write the answers in their own words. In this app, the concepts are explained using the principles of instructional design. By following the best practices of teaching, learning App increases the likelihood of your child understanding any concept clearly. With clarity in thoughts, your child now only needs sentence-formation skills to present those thoughts in the exams.
3. Accessibility – Your child can learn any time at any place, any subject, any topic, and any number of times. In contrast to typical tuition time of around 2 hours, your child can spend less time on the Digital Teacher App and yet make huge progress in the studies. Also, your child can access and revise the day’s topic that was taught in the school – without any time lag.
4. Engaging – If a school classroom has 25 students, then tuitions also tend to have 10 - 20 people in one batch. But as a parent, the purpose of sending your children for tuitions is to get personal attention. In Digital Teacher Learning App, the teaching addresses each student in terms of catching their attention, retaining their attention, giving them enough opportunities for rehearsal and letting them check their progress without being observed or commented by anyone else. This process of App engages your child’s attention and involvement with the relevant learning objectives.
5. Value for Money - The App reaches you at a value offer of just Rupees Two Hundred per month for five subjects. That is, you have to invest as low as Rs 40 a month for each subject. On one hand, it drastically cuts down the Monthly Tuition Fees per student, which is on an average Rs. 1500 (that is, from Rs 15000 per 10 months to Rs 2000). On the other hand, it offers many benefits to your child’s education over the traditional tuition.
Therefore, this Year, enrich your child’s after-school time with the #DigitalTeacherApp.
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