Dr vikram chauhan
on December 2, 2020 123 views
Mr. Suresh Varne, Age 62 years, from Vashi, New Mumbai, Maharashtra. He used to consult MD Doctors for 6 months for my Diabetes and BP. Last time, i.e., the first week of September 2020, He has carried out certain tests as per the Doctor’s advice, that is fasting sugar, postprandial, HbA1c, Urine test. Urine test actually for Albumin, and the ratio of Albumin vs #Creatinine. His fasting sugar, postprandial levels are within the normal range, #HbA1c factor is 6.2, which is a pre-diabetic level, BP is 130/80 which is also within control. However, the ratio of Albumin vs. Creatinine was 40.2 which is slightly higher than the normal range of 30.
Subsequently, He has consulted a Nephrologist, he asked to carry out further certain tests that are sonography, serum creatinine, electrolytic parameters, and 24 hours urine test for total albumin in Urine. All other #kidney parameters ranges are within normal range except 24-hour urine test, the albumin was 415 .8/24 hours urine. The nephrologist said it is CKD, then the patient started #treatment of Planet Ayurveda, after online consulting and started medicines. After having #medicines for 15 days, He has tested, He has tested spot urine for albumin, and the level comes to only 5mg which is normal, other kidney parameters which were tested at the same time were in range. Now, He is completing 2 months of treatment by the end of #November 2020 and He would like to say that there were no other symptoms like swelling, or appetite problem, water retention, urine passing. He would like to thank Planet Ayurveda for solving the problem of urine albumin since there is no treatment in Allopathy.
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