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Welcome to 515 LIVE and in today’s video you will see the police verbally harassing me in West Des Moines by officer (IA) Graham 0218, a Complaint filed against him for this Police misconduct.
In this video I am going to share about an incident what happened with me by West Des Moines Police Officer who harasses me with false accusation. It can be inconceivable to be accused of a crime that you did not commit and I do not have had anything to do with.
As a USA citizen we do not expect such police misconduct. Because, West Des Moines Police Department main goal is to unite, with the community, to preserve the safety of West Des Moines for all residents, businesses and visitors.
It is time for a change and implementing transformation inside the police department, bringing change to policing and how things are handled.
I hope chief of police will take the necessary step to stop public harassment without any accused.
So, watch the full video to know about the detail incident.
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