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Home Sweet Home Activity Book For Your Loved one Buy Now ☛
With its colorful design and interesting shapes, the beautiful educational Quiet Book Home Sweet Home invites toddlers to get to know and understand their routine and thus their everyday life better.
You see the funny little house on the cover and wonder what's behind it? - Come on, let's have a look together! How does your everyday life begin? The first page of our educational Quiet Book answers the question. You have to get out of bed and put your teddy back in its place. In doing so, we notice that it has become light. Here we can swap the moon for the sun together. Next, your Quiet Book takes you to the bathroom where we continue our routine. You brush your teeth and take a bath.
What does the routine look like after the bathroom? The educational Quiet Book shows you that it's now time to get dressed. But before that, you can put your dirty clothes in the washing machine and turn it on. To do this, you need to pour a little detergent into the right compartment and then use the colorful buttons to set the right temperature. When the laundry is clean, you can hang it neatly back in the wardrobe. That way you'll always have fresh laundry ready in your wardrobe. Today is even your lucky day and you get to choose what you want to wear today with the help of our Home Sweet Home educational Quiet Book.
You're hungry now, aren't you? Come and let's see what your kids' educational Quiet Book has in store for you next. Your routine continues with a well-set breakfast table. The breakfast table is already set with plenty of fruit. What would you like to drink with it? Maybe milk, cocoa or tea? The choice is yours! If you don't like any of the fruit, you can put it back in the zip and bring it out again when you feel like it.
Now that we've done our routine from getting up to bathing to brushing our teeth to eating breakfast, we can finally go outside, doesn't that sound great? Wait, before you go out for good, you still have to tie your shoes for everyday wear and practice your dexterity with laces and buttons.
The educational Quiet Book Home Sweet Home toy lets toddlers learn about their everyday life and routine in a playful way and at the same time promotes different skills such as:
- eye-hand coordination
- logical thinking
- Matching colors and shapes
- vocabulary development
- eye-hand coordination
- Fine motor skills
Educational Quiet Book Home Sweet Home Productdetails:
age recommendation: starting from 2 years
dimensions: 15 cm x 15 cm x 9 cm
number of pages: 6 plus cover
used materials: felt and 100% cotton
weight: 250g
audited quality: EN 71/1-3 and CE
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