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When we toss a coin, then the outcome is head or tail. But what if we toss 2 or 3 coins at the same time? In this case we have to predict the result which is known as probability.
Probability is one of the easiest chapter in Maths book. If you have confusion then you can check our probability classes online.
Probability is mostly popular in multiple fields like sports, weather reports, statistics, medical field etc. Now a days it's used in emerging fields like artificial intelligence and machine learning.
1. Weather planning - The weather experts around the world use probability for finding out the weather changes. They collect all the reports and predict the temperature or other conditions of a day, week or month.
2. Sport strategies - Probability plays a key role in making the game strategies. The players or coaches use this to understand the strengths and weakness of a particular team. The game analyst uses this strategy to find out the performance of a team and the players. In this way they check how strong their team is and in what areas they need to put extra efforts. Some analysts also use this strategy to decide which team player will be playing a specific game and against whom.
3. Insurance companies - The insurance companies use probability while issuing a policy. They use this theory while calculating the premium. They use probability on the health condition and lifestyle of the individual.
4. In politics - Most politicians use probability to find out the election results. They try to predict the exit poll results according to party's and candidates popularity in particular constituencies.
5. In games - Did you ever know that games like video games, poker, gambling and blackjack games are based on probability? With the help of probability, you can find out the chances to win a game.
6. Lottery tickets - According to us, winning a lottery is based on our luck, but that is the major misconception. Instead of luck, this is based on the role of probability. This is the most real life example of probability.
7. In decision making - Probabilty also plays a great role in the field of making decisions. When you are in confusion and can't reach the specific solution, then probabilty can help you.
8. Medical decisions - When a patient is undergoing surgery, the doctors also use probability to share the success rate.
9. In traffic signals - Along with the already mentioned fields, traffic signals also uses probability to control traffic flows on the highways.
Other than this, when we type something in your phone, then it shows suggestions related to words which is also based on probability.
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