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Everything is F*cked: A Book About Hope by Mark Manson
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Video contains a full book summary of the key learning points
0:01 Introduction
0:17 To build and maintain hope, we need three things: a sense of control, a belief in the value of something, and a community.
1:24 Your brain can be divided into two: your Feeling Brain and your Thinking Brain
3:22 Newton’s First Law of Emotion states that when someone (or something) causes us pain, a moral gap opens up and our Feeling Brain summons up emotions to motivate us to equalize.
4:43 Newton’s Second Law of Emotion: How we come to value everything in life relative to ourselves is the sum of our emotions over time.
5:16 Newton’s Third Law of Emotion: Your Identity Will Stay Your Identity Until a New Experience Acts Against It. The network of value-based narratives is our identity.
5:59 Starting a starting a tribe or a religion.
7:07 Blue Dot Effect. We warping our perceptions of reality to fit our expectations.
8:23 Pain - grow through adversity.
9:25 Become Antifragile
9:42 Two Arrows
11:23 Marketing
12:23 Advanced Artificial Intelligence
14:04 Reinforcing points about control, value and community.
14:27 Conclusion
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