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Accelerate: Building Strategic Agility for a Faster-Moving World by John P. Kotter
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Business has changed and businesses needs to respond rapidly. A ‘dual operating system’ is required, this involves useful interactions between the networks and hierarchy in the business – similar to what occurs when successful start ups are working.
This close working allows people to link with others and perform different tasks in the most efficient manner. Note in the centre of the networks and hierarchy is clear leadership, that is highlighting and displaying the vision.
The dual operating system is is split into two:
• The left side is the formal management driven side with constant innovation. In essence routine business. Reliably and efficiency meeting today’s numbers and through incremental and predictable change. Frequently using established management tools to meet today’s numbers and perform incremental or predictable change.
• The right side being the strategy acceleration network that is agile and uses speed to advantage. Explores different novel ways of working that have a greater degree of uncertainty. The right attempt to leap the business into the future. The right side of the organisation is open minded to new ways of thinking.
Any strategic activity, activity, or change-related activity that we know can be effectively completed in a timely way and at acceptable expense inside a management hierarchy framework usually stays on the left. The right side of the dual system focuses more on the unknowns and working outside of the box. So, if the left side can do a job, but more speed, less expense, or more creativity would be very helpful, then a right-side organization might assist help with its volunteers.
If you look at your company when you find energized people producing effective change, you almost always find people who want to do just that, this allows you to develop a combined sense of urgency.
It is best if you can create a big opportunity to make staff work harder towards a common shared goal.
Staff can be deployed to different sides of the operating system and float between these depending on the particular demand the company. Great team work is fundamental. You can't remove silos but you can minimise these.
Leadership development
​■ Urgency on Big Opportunity
​■ Guiding coalition of volunteers
​■ Change vision and strategic initiatives
​■ More and more volunteers
Barriers knocked down
​■ Wins celebrated
​■ Relentless action
​■ Changes ​institutionalized
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