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Hear what our clients have to say about their experiences with Srai Law Firm. If you're facing criminal defense charges, family law, personal injury, or bankruptcy concerns contact us for help. When you hire the Srai Law office, you will get the effective representation, commitment from our office, personalized and professional service to ensure the best outcome for your case.
Attorney Gurjit Srai: “I was raised here in San Joaquin county went to elementary school here middle school here high school here I love the city because this is a city of hard-working people. This is a city that gave me so much. The man who I've become because of the city I've always enjoyed helping other people and by becoming an attorney I'm able to actually do that Srai Law clients have their future at stake and so it's my job to guide them to their new future and be there every step of the way”
Client 1: “the guardian of my grandson was at stake so I felt like I needed attorneys to write to accomplish what I needed after our meeting and talking with him I felt Comfortable. I felt like he was the one to get the job done. I could tell he has passion for his work and compassion for my situation. I'm very happy I'm very satisfied with his services and would recommend him to anybody”
Attorney Gurjit Srai: “Criminal defense is an important practice area because your liberty is at stake. One situation shouldn't divide a person's life and I'm here to show them that there's light at the end of the tunnel.”
Client 2: “I am a construction guy been in construction all my adult life mostly. So I was passing this guy leaving a restaurant and he said to me if you touch me you're dead and he had his cell phone camera right here I reached out and touched his cell phone camera. He then went to the DA's office to file an assault charge on me. To my surprise they actually were going to proceed with this. Gurjit was willing to go to trial we told the DA let's go to trial or drop all charges
and eventually it just disappeared and all charges were dropped. He kept me absolutely informed each and every development. I had this feeling of confidence that this guy can make it happen. This guy can get it done. I would recommend that her idol office very highly”
Client 3: “ Gurjit had so much patience I have never seen a responsible like him like attorney. He treat me like a family like big brother and got all of my charges dropped.
Attorney Gurjit Srai: “When a client comes to me I think everything is at stake, their livelihoods at stake sometimes their families at stake everything is on the line and so when they have everything on the line that means our office will put everything and all the resources we have to provide the best representation for our clients. When you hire the Srai Law office you get effective representation commitment from our office personalized and professional service to ensure the best outcome for your case”
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