Krati Saraswat
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Message from NJ Sir : Dear Students, Reagent Chemistry is very important for competitive examination. Don't miss any reagent.
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Topics Covered in the video:
00:00 : Recap
00:08 : Friedel-craft Alkylation
00:48 : Nitration
01:43 : Gattermann Koch reaction
02:59 : Gattermann aldehyde reaction
03:54 : Dehydrating agent
04:50 : Na metal
06:24 : NaOH
08:05 : Sodamide
09:31 : NaHCO3
10:49 : Haloform & Hoffmann bromamide reaction
12:24 : Gabriel phthalimide synthesis
14:59 : SeO2
15:47 : Formation of cyanohydrin
17:24 : Semicarbazide
18:53 : NaHSO3
19:56 : Hydroxyl amine
29:28 : Hydrazine
21:00 : Phenylhydrazine
21:42 : Ceric ammonium nitrate
22:28 : Diethyloxalate
23:42 : CuCN/HCN( sandmaeyer's reaction)
24:18 : Cu/HCl
24:37 : Cu/HBr
24:59 : Diazomethane
26:11 : Fenton's reagent
27:08 : Ziegler natta catalyst
28:04 : Jones reagent
28:39 : Schiff base reagent
30:36 : Benedict's reagent
31:24 : Etard reaction
31:56 : Thank you
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