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You have probably heard of Minecraft by now. It is a sandbox video game that has been a major hit ever since it was released in 2009. The main reason for its popularity is that it has a sizable community of players that support it.
The fact that the game is so simple to understand is one of its many strengths. To put it simply, the only thing holding you back from creating any form of structure is your own lack of imagination.
However, a significant number of players aren't satisfied with it and wish to advance further. They plan to ignore the established guidelines of the game and come up with their own with the assistance of these excellent Minecraft mods. It is at that point that they transition from being typical builders to ascending to a new level, which is when they become makers of mods for Minecraft.
Here are the top ten Best Minecraft mods in 2022.
0:01 Channel Intro
0:14 Introduction
0:58 Thaumcraft
1:35 Mine and Blade battlegear 2
2:35 Minecraft comes alive
3:29 Galacticraft
4:08 Aether II: Genesis of the Void
5:02 Portal Gun
5:38 Pixelmon
6:41 Buildcraft
7:24 TerraFirmaCraft
8:08 Optifine
9:00 Outro
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