Martin Walker
on October 7, 2022 20 views
90 minutes classical Hatha Yoga class with one of the senior teachers at Arhanta Yoga Ashrams.
This practice is suitable for relative new practitioners as well as advanced students and yoga teachers.
Please be sure to be cautious with any postures that are unfamiliar and follow any precautionary guidelines as given.
- The place for practice should be clean & well ventilated
- Breathing should be gentle without any exertion
- Keep the focus throughout the practice on your body and breath. If the mind wanders away, gently bring it back to your breathing
- Pregnant women should not follow this practice
- People with hypertension or anxiety should not do Kapalabhati, retentions and inversions
Instructor: Omkar Jain
Copyrights: Arhanta Yoga Ashrams
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