John Eulizer Nimo
on December 29, 2022 33 views
Songs have the uncanny ability to summon emotional response in people. They are as old as humans and have existed even before we learned how to read and write. Songs also influence the emotions in boundless ways. Happiness, sadness, excitement, inspiration are some of the ways its power is demonstrated.
But sometimes, songs can also mean entirely different things. In this episode of Tome of Terror, we trudge on ever so forward to collect all the objects of destruction and acquire their power. The Holder of Song is in the way, will The Seeker's determination and persistence pay off? Or will he suffer the torment that The Holder brings?
Episode 3:
00:00 - Intro
00:51 - The Bookkeeper
02:52 - The Holder of Song
08:06 - Thank You
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