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By: on September 29, 2021
A clinical research organization (CRO) is an establishment that lays out research services to pharmaceutical or biotechnological and medical device firms. These services can range from drug recognition to post-approval services. The pharmaceutical companies outsource a Clinical research organization on a contract to provide expert guidance, advice, and execution programs to complete clinical research as safely and as efficiently as possible. ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF CRO It is a cost-e...
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By: on September 24, 2021
The era we live in is bringing technical answers for everything. CRO is no exception. Moving ahead digitally gives way to enhanced patient support and interaction. Research and Development in the clinical trials sector have spoken in the face of many diseases handling. Yet a group of the population disagrees that we have reached any milestone on embracing digital technologies. CRO digitization is working fabulously when it comes to innovation, for it is an intensive way to execute efficient d...
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By: on March 29, 2021
As the name suggests, the data lake stores an enormous amount of data. The data in the data lake is in a raw and detailed format. Strategies in any content are essential to keep the source healthy, make it sustainable for the long-run. Data lake strategies also do the same. It keeps your data lake flexible, adaptable so that your business aims can be achieved. Thus, a data lake strategy can be defined as the practices that effectively manage the voluminous and varied reservoir of data so tha...
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